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Features : Fishing Report Last Updated: Nov 20, 2012 - 11:28:33 AM

Beau knows fishing
By Greg Peralta
Nov 14, 2012 - 9:47:04 AM

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There are very few people with an enthusiasm for fishing that exceeds my own. Beau Porter is one of them. He is seven years old and fast becoming an accomplished angler. This was particularly evident on a recent trip with Beau and his father, Jeff. Our plan was to target Trout on the latter stages of the falling tide. Switching to Redfish (in shallow water) as the tide began to rise.  
We began by casting mud minnows on quarter ounce lead head jigs around docks and channel edges. After a few practice casts to acquaint Beau and Jeff with the tackle, I was explaining the Trout bite and hook set theory to Beau. Before I could finish, Beau had a bite and set the hook expertly. He then proceeded to efficiently and effectively bring the Trout to the skiff. I was impressed. Over the next couple of hours, Beau caught and released a Flounder and several nice size Trout. When the tide bottomed out, we moved to a shallow area with a large oyster bar directly adjacent to a creek channel.
With a Flounder and a bunch of Trout to his credit, Beau needed a Redfish to complete his inshore slam.  From a distance, we could see Redfish milling about the base of the oyster bar. We cast our mud minnows (on jigs) just ahead of the Reds. As I was explaining to Beau that Redfish are bigger and more powerful than Trout and thus more difficult to reel in, his fishing rod bent over double. He smiled and calmly set about the business of fighting the fish. It was like this was something that he did every day. The fight took several minutes but the outcome was never in doubt. Beau fought the fish with good pressure and smooth technique. Soon a large Redfish came aboard for a quick photo before being released. Beau had completed his inshore slam!  
While celebrating the accomplishment, I mentioned that Beau had caught more fish than his Dad.  I was really impressed when he told me the actual fish count (which was 23 to 15).  Beau completed an inshore slam and did a complete fishing beat down on his Dad by catching the biggest and most fish.
To paraphrase the old Nike commercial, it is safe to say, “Beau knows fishing”

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