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Features : Fishing Report Last Updated: Jul 24, 2013 - 10:49:58 AM

Carter Rose scores an inshore slam fishing from his new skiff
By Greg Peralta
Jul 24, 2013 - 10:48:05 AM

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Ed and Carter Rose caught this fish with Captain Greg on their new Carolina Skiff.

Years ago, my first boat was a little 14 foot fiberglass skiff. It was not very expensive, quite utilitarian and perhaps even ugly. However, it was a very functional fishing platform. My father and I spent countless hours together on that boat. Thinking back, that little skiff had a big impact on my life. So when Ed Rose and his son (Carter) invited me to fish on their new 15 foot Carolina Skiff, I was very happy to join them. On the day of our trip, thunderstorms were looming. While catching bait, we were soaked by a cold rain shower. After filling the livewell with shrimp and checking the weather radar, we set off for Beresford Creek. While in transit, I was impressed with Carter’s boating handling skills along with his knowledge of the rules for safe navigation. He is a thoughtful and safety minded boat operator.
Our first fishing spot was a creek channel that collects bait (and hopefully predators) during low tide. We cast live shrimp on jigs into the channel and let the current sweep the shrimp along the bottom. Carter quickly mastered this technique, catching a Flounder and a few nice Trout. Needing only a Redfish to complete an inshore slam, we left the Trout to pursue the slam. Around dead low, when we located a school of Redfish near a submerged oyster bar, Carter cast a shrimp to the base of the oysters and it was inhaled by a good size Red. The fish made powerful runs and nearly cut Carter off on the oysters a couple of times. However, good angling technique eventually won the day and Carter’s inshore slam was complete. Watching Carter and his dad celebrate, reminded me of days long ago on my first skiff. It felt good to remember and to play a small part in creating a new set of memories. Many thanks to Ed and Carter for including me.
Captain Greg Peralta can be reached at or (843) 224-0099.

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