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Features : Fishing Report Last Updated: Feb 20, 2013 - 9:23:45 AM

Catch it in the cold
By Greg Peralta
Feb 20, 2013 - 9:22:57 AM

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Winter returned to the Lowcountry this week, bringing with it rain, cold temperatures and strong winds.  These weather elements keep most anglers at home. However, my friend Donna Crocker is not most anglers. As we trailered the skiff to the boat landing, people looked at us as if we were crazy. Once on the water, I began to think perhaps they were right.  After fishing for 15 minutes, my fingers (along with the rest of body) were extremely cold.
As miserable as it was, neither of us wanted to be the first to say uncle.  So we kept fishing. Eventually, we found a school of Trout holding along a steep creek bank. One would think after catching a few fish (using a MinnowZ Bad Shad), we would say mission accomplished and go home. Not us. We checked the Wando River to see if it was safe to transit. It was ugly and rough, but was safe to navigate.
Thankfully, we did not have to run far before spotting birds working above a school of Redfish. Choppy conditions made the water muddy and we had trouble spotting the fish. It took a few moments to realize that we were totally surrounded. Moving slowly and deliberately, so as not to spook the school, we cast PaddlerZ lures (enhanced with lots of ProCure scent) to what we thought was the front of the school. We both hooked up.  As we fought the fish, the wind began to shift and intensify. After releasing the fish, we both agreed it was time to go.  Over the years, Donna and I have caught a lot of fish together.  However, I think the fish we caught on “that day” are the most memorable.  

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