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Fishing Report
DIG's Brian Mahoney shares a fishing trip on the Willy Skiff
By Greg Peralta
Apr 5, 2013 - 11:25:06 AM

Many years ago, in a land far, far away (Florida), Willy Skiffs set the standard for shallow water fishing vessels. They floated in mere inches of water and had beautiful lines. Only a limited number of Willy Skiffs were made and they quickly became classics. So the other day, when I saw one parked in front of the Daniel Island Grille, I had to stop and look it over. Turns out, Brian Mahoney had just purchased the boat and asked me to go fishing. Naturally, I had my fishing gear already in my Jeep. It pays to be ready to fish at the drop of a hat.
It was cold and windy when Brian and I launched the Willy Skiff. The tide was falling and the water was 53 degrees. In the Wando River, a strong wind was blowing against the tide making the waves pretty big. The Willy Skiff (which is only 17 feet) cut through the chop with ease and we enjoyed a comfortable (and dry ride) up river. Given the choppy conditions, the flats were muddy and unfishable. So we tucked into a wind sheltered creek and began casting lures to likely fish holding locations. Brian was using a quarter ounce jig with a Z-Man MinnowZ Bad Shad. I had a Rapala XRAP suspending lure tied onto my line. Our primary objective was to put the Willy Skiff through its paces. However, it would be nice to actually catch a few fish. In typical March fashion, after an hour of “boat testing” we had not caught a single fish. We moved to a dock that had a small creek that drained over oysters into deeper water. Brian cast the MinnowZ to the base of the oysters and set the hook on a good size Redfish. The fish made dogged runs towards the dock pilings. Brian did a good job of angling and kept the fish from breaking him off in the structure. It was rewarding to be part of the first Redfish caught on the Willy Skiff.
April has finally arrived and the water temperature is already on the rise. Soon the creeks will be full of baitfish and predators will not be far behind. Trip catch rates will improve considerably as the water hits the middle 60 degree range. So pick up some bug spray and sunscreen and go fishing!
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