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Fishing Report
Everything with fins and teeth is eating right now
By Greg Peralta
Nov 13, 2013 - 10:26:14 AM

Diane Rozier shows one of 20 fish that were caught and released.

Thankfully, this week fishing was much better. It was pretty breezy but the temperature was comfortable and the fish were hungry. Trout were feeding around current swept oyster bars and marsh points. Bluefish were often mixed in with the Trout, which made for very steady action.  It also made fishing with a Bluefish bite resistant lure essential. So a Z-Man MinnowZ Bad Shad (soft plastic) and Rapala Husky Jerk (hard plastic) were the lures of choice (for anglers and fish).
Redfish are schooling up for the winter and moving into shallow water areas. Right now, Dolphin predation is minimal for the Reds so they are happy and eating. In a few weeks (after the bait leaves) this will change. We are blessed with a solid year-round fishery. However, this could well be the best time of year to target Redfish. Flounder were plentiful this week. While I did not target them, they were a welcome by-catch when fishing for Trout and Redfish.  
Grand Slams (catching a Flounder, Trout, Redfish and Bluefish in a single trip) were the norm.  It seems everything with fins and teeth is eating right now. An excellent example of this is from a short trip with my friend Diane Rozier. We met at the Daniel Island Marina at 4 pm in the afternoon. With limited daylight, we fished very close to the marina. When we returned at 5:30, between us we had released 20 fish.
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