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Fishing Report
Experience an epic bite, go fishing now!
By Greg Peralta
Oct 30, 2013 - 9:06:46 AM

Greg Peralta and his son Elliott catch a Trout.

This week a series of cold fronts dropped the water temperature below 70 degrees. As a surfer, I am kind of sad (now I have to wear a wetsuit). However, the angler in me is extremely happy (as the Trout, Redfish and Flounder are abundant and eating).
When launching the skiff on Saturday morning, the air temperature was a chilly 45 degrees. The wind chill from a strong northerly breeze made it feel significantly cooler. Thankfully, David (my brother) and Elliott (my son) dressed accordingly. Even then, the ride into the harbor was downright cold. Our plan was to target Trout near open water channels and oyster ledges.  Historically, these areas are where we find larger specimens of Trout.  
We cast a variety of lures along deep channels that were lined with submerged oyster bars.  Initially, Elliott caught the lion’s share of the fish using a MinnowZ Bad Shad on a quarter ounce jig. David was a close second casting a DOA shrimp under a rattle float. I held my own using a Rapala Husky Jerk HJ-08.  The Trout were large and most cooperative. It was not unusual for all three of us to be fighting Trout simultaneously. We all agreed it was one of the more epic Trout bites we have experienced together.
Sunday was a bit warmer and the wind was calm, perfect conditions for sight fishing Redfish.  We used the trolling motor to quietly patrol shallow channels and cast MinnowZ Houdini and Husky Jerks to schools of Reds moving along the channel edges. The water was clear and it was easy to spot the fish. We could also watch them track and eat our lures. Once again, we experienced another epic day of fishing.
For the next several weeks, the water temperature will continue to fall, but the fishing will remain red hot. If you want to experience an epic bite, you simply have to go fishing (now).
Captain Greg Peralta,, (843) 224-0099.

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