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Fishing Report
Fish are aggressively biting
May 22, 2013 - 2:36:19 PM

This Dolphin was caught by Jake Varn (left) and Nolan Kiefer (right) on May 18, 2013. It weighed in at 55 pounds. They were fishing with Matt Kiefer, on his boat, together with Scott Varn, Mike Johnson and Kirk Rumph, all of Daniel Island. They launched from Daniel Island Marina, where Matt keeps his boat.

On Saturday, fishing was figuratively and literally hot. Early in the morning (as in sunrise), the wind was calm and the gnats were simply awful. The air was heavy (humidity has returned to the Lowcountry) and smelled of honeysuckle and salt. As we arrived at our first fishing location (a marsh point with a strong current seam), Trout were feeding very aggressively on the surface. Off in the distance, Redfish were marauding mullet in the shallows. However, Elliott and I took a few moments to soak in the scene. We watched the sunrise, breathed in the heavy air and swatted about a million gnats.  Without words we both knew, summer had arrived.  
Our rods were rigged with Zara Spooks and pretty much every cast into the current seam was crushed by a Trout. The bite was so aggressive that when a Trout missed the hooks, it would knock the lure into the air. After releasing several big Trout, we eased away from the marsh point and on to a shallow flat. Two pods of Redfish were feeding in water so shallow their backs were out of the water. I positioned the skiff between the schools. Elliott cast to one school and I cast to the other. Before beginning our retrieves, our Zara Spooks were crushed by big Redfish. The strikes were so vicious that it looked and sounded like someone dropped a bowling ball into the water. The top water action was non-stop until the sun cleared the tree line. We switched to Z-Man MinnowZ Bad Shads and fished a little deeper. The Trout were still feeding (just not at the surface).  It was a typically early morning, summer fishing pattern.
Months in advance, Elliott and I set this day aside on our calendars. We were fishing in the John von Lehe Memorial Fishing Tournament (which raises funds for the Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina). Chris (John’s son) and Elliott played soccer together at Bishop England.  So Elliott and I made it a point to fish the event. We did not win but we welcomed the arrival of summer together. Perhaps, that is the best prize of all.
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