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Fishing Report
Fishing is like Thanksgiving
By Greg Peralta
Nov 20, 2012 - 11:25:47 AM

Fishing is a great way to gather family and friends. It provides the opportunity to relax and enjoy the people you are with. It creates smiles, laughs and memories. In an odd sort of way, fishing is like Thanksgiving. Perhaps this is why I keep gaining weight!
Recently, the weather has been cloudy, damp and cool. The water temperature has fallen below sixty degrees and the fish are settling into typically winter patterns. Redfish are schooling in shallow water. Trout are holding on the transition from shallow to deep water. Both are still feeding pretty aggressively. This is good news for anglers.
Early in the winter, Redfish in shallow water have not been overly exposed to dolphin predation or angling pressure. If you can locate them (without making noise and setting them on edge) they should be pretty easy to catch. The key to success is an accurate presentation (in front of the school). Errant casts behind or in the middle of the school will usually panic the fish and make them exceedingly difficult to catch. The Z-Man MinnowZ (Bad Shad) on a quarter ounce jig has been very productive on shallow water Redfish. Enhancing the lure with a little Pro-Cure scent can really tip the odds in your favor.
Trout will be hanging around channels and ledges in close proximity to shallow water. On sunny days, look for them to be feeding up in the shallows. On cold and cloudy days, the Trout will move into deeper water. Until the water temperature falls into the lower fifty degree range, deep water Trout will still be looking to eat. However, a slower more subtle retrieve cadence may be needed in order to get bites.  
Fishing conditions are definitely becoming more like winter. However, the fish are still biting.  So take your family and friends fishing during Thanksgiving week. You will be thankful you did.
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