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Fishing Report
Fishing is not the same as catching, and catching isn't always easy
By Greg Peralta
Nov 6, 2013 - 9:34:07 AM

Mike Fowler catches a Redfish.

Over the past several weeks, I have been reporting outstanding (dare I say even easy) fishing.  This week served as a reminder that is it called fishing and not catching for a reason.  
When fishing with my friend (and accomplished angler) Mike Fowler, it was particularly evident. The weather was perfect. Calm winds and clear water made spotting schools of Redfish in the shallows easy (there is that four letter word again). Since Mike is such a good angler, the plan was to fish primarily with soft plastic lures. However, I had a few mud minnows in the live well if needed.  
The first location we fished was a shallow oyster bar with a slight channel adjacent to the bar.  In the clear water, we could see Redfish slowly milling around in the channel. This is when the first alarm bell began ringing in my head. As winter approaches, Redfish typically feed aggressively on shrimp and minnows during lower stages of the tide. These fish exhibited no feeding behavior and refused well-presented lures. After several refusals on soft plastics, Mike switched to a mud minnow on a jig. We both watched in amazement as Redfish slowly approached the lively and delicious minnow only to ignore it and swim by. Sometimes, certain schools of fish do not want to eat. So we left the uncooperative school in quest of hungry fish.
The second location we fished was an oyster lined channel. Again, we could see Redfish cruising the shallow channel and once again the fish refused to eat well presented lures and live bait.  Now the alarm bells in my head were deafening. Fishing today was not going to be easy.  
Understanding that the shallow Redfish pattern was a no go, Mike and I switched to deeper channels hoping for Trout, Redfish or anything that had a mind to eat. We picked at the fish throughout the day and never really found a pattern that worked. However, we both managed to complete inshore slams. Fishing was definitely NOT easy but it was great to be on the water with an old friend. Perhaps that is the best catch of all.
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