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Fishing Report
Grandfather-grandson fishing expedition is stellar
By Greg Peralta
Jan 2, 2013 - 9:28:41 AM

My Dad loved to fish, especially with my son, Elliott. We created a lot of good memories while fishing together.  As such, I have an affinity for fishing with grandparents and grandchildren. So when Greg Meyer inquired about a fishing trip for Mac (his son) and Carl (his Dad), it was a must-do trip. 
We met during the last half of the falling tide. After a quick safety briefing and tackle orientation on the dock, I asked Mac if there was a particular species of fish he was interested in targeting.  He smiled and said he was happy just to be fishing with his grandfather. I started smiling then looked over at Carl who was smiling as well. Mac, Carl and I were having a great fishing trip and we had not even left the dock.
As the tide fell, we hit the flats looking for Redfish.  Mac was casting a quarter ounce lead head jig with a mud minnow and Carl was using a Z-Man PaddlerZ on an eighth ounce 4/0 flutter hook. We saw a good number of fish, but getting them to bite was problematic. This time of year, angling pressure and dolphin predation can make Redfish in shallow water very spooky. Rather than chase the fish (which makes them even more spooky), we established their path of travel and staked out in the path. Eventually, a large school of fish came within casting range. Both Mac and Carl caught Redfish out of the passing school.  This method of fishing takes stealth and patience. These are characteristics not usually found in children.  However, Mac was outstanding at the stake and wait methodology and regularly caught fish from each passing school.
Our numbers for the day were not stellar, but it did not matter to Mac and Carl. On the ride back to the boat landing, I asked Mac what he would remember most from our trip.  He did not hesitate in his response and said fishing with my grandfather. I always thought insight was developed through age and experience. On this trip, Mac taught me you do not have to be old to be insightful.
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