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Features : Fishing Report Last Updated: Oct 24, 2012 - 9:59:18 AM

Mornings are chilly, afternoons are warm and the fishing is hot
By Greg Peralta
Oct 24, 2012 - 9:57:48 AM

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The steady progression towards winter continues. A string of cool nights has the water temperature lingering in the upper sixty degree range. Mornings are chilly, afternoons are warm and the fishing is hot.  For most of the week (when the wind was calm), the pre-dawn Trout bite on top water lures was very good.
So when I fished with Daniel Island resident Andrew Grosse and his brother Alan (who was visiting from Atlanta), I was pretty confident we would catch fish. So confident (as in stupid), that I told Andrew and Alan we would catch at least 20 fish. My confidence faltered when my favorite Trout spot was blown out by a cool (and much stronger than forecast) north wind. The Trout were there but the choppy conditions were simply not conducive to fishing with top water lures. Rather than switch lures, we switched to a more sheltered area. There we received a good number of strikes, but only managed to land two Trout (on Zara Spook Junior lures). All too soon, the sun was up, the top water bite stopped and we were a far cry from 20 fish.
Undeterred, we switched to soft plastic lures on lead head jigs. Recently, the Z-Man MinnowZ Bad Shad has been producing Trout particularly well. So I put one on my jig. Andrew did the same. Unfortunately for Alan, he tried a different color. Andrew and I caught the next 10 or so fish working our lures down a ledge in about 8 feet of water. Andrew even completed an inshore slam. The only thing Alan caught was abuse from Andrew and me. After a while, we felt sorry for him and switched his lure to a Bad Shad as well. Soon he was a steady contributor in our march to exceed 20 fish. Alan even caught his first Redfish ever. It was not large, but we were all pretty happy about it. Eventually, we did exceed 20 fish (with most of the fish being Trout).  It was a very fun morning on the water.
On the trip with Andrew and Alan, I wore short pants. About mid-morning, the shorts were fine.  However, prior to that it was down right cold. If you decide to try your hand with the pre-dawn Trout bite, please dress appropriately. Fishing is much more enjoyable when you are comfortable.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or (843) 224-0099.
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