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Fishing Report
One hundred fish challenge is an annual event
By Greg Peralta
Nov 7, 2012 - 10:23:08 AM

Every year about this time, Elliott (my son), David (my brother) and I set out to catch 100 fish in a single 6 hour tide cycle. The rules of our annual 100 fish challenge are simple. All fish must be caught using a lure (no bait allowed). Eligible species are Redfish, Flounder and Trout. Traditionally, we fish the challenge during the first good weather window after the finger mullet leave the creeks. The water is warm enough that predators are still feeding aggressively but finger mullet (the primary forage) are in short supply. This is the optimal time to target Redfish, Flounder and Trout with lures.   
On the day of the challenge, we began fishing at dead high tide. Our plan was to cast Z-Man MinnowZ lures in varying colors (Bad Shad, Redbone and Houdini) around the mouth of small creeks as they began to drain. Initially, the bite was kind of slow, but it picked up as the flow of the falling tide increased.  After an hour of fishing, I had completed an inshore slam and collectively we had released 24 fish. Two hours into the challenge, our release tally was 43. However, the water had fallen sufficiently, that the small creek drain pattern began to slow down.
For the next couple of hours, we picked at the fish. Our race to 100 became a slow crawl. With two thirds of the falling tide behind us our fish release count was only 66 and I began to wonder if we were up to the challenge. We were having a fantastic day of fishing, but I found myself wrestling with the potential disappointment. Then I remembered why we fish the challenge every year. It is simply an excuse for Elliott, David and me to fish together. We did eventually complete the 100 fish challenge. I am sure people in passing boats were wondering why we were so excited about a 13 inch Trout!
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