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Features : Fishing Report Last Updated: Apr 9, 2014 - 9:11:57 AM

Sometimes even wonky fishing is good
By Greg Peralta
Apr 9, 2014 - 9:10:04 AM

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Kevin McMurtry caught this Redfish, which ended a wonky week of fishing.

This week, fishing was a bit wonky. Early in the week, the Trout and Redfish were hungry and seemingly everywhere. However, on Wednesday, the easy fishing came to an abrupt end. The hot bite literally turned off like a switch. Despite fishing long and hard, I did not catch a single fish. It was a total bummer (my first skunk of the year). Knowing that it would take a day or two for the bite to return, I did not fish on Thursday and was not planning to fish on Friday.  
When my friend Kevin McMurtry called and invited me to fish with him, I decided to get back on the horse. We launched at the last of the falling tide and the teeth of a gale force wind. Our plan was to target Sheepshead (one of the few fish in the area that Kevin had yet to catch). Conditions were less than optimal. The wind and waves made feeling the very light bite of the Sheepshead extremely difficult. The fish were there and eating but we missed literally dozens of bites. Kevin and I persisted. Thankfully, we each managed to catch a Sheepshead (before the boat swamped and the fiddler crabs ran out).  
With Sheepshead officially checked off Kevin’s “Need to Catch List,” we left the exposed open water for a wind-sheltered shallow flat. Shortly after our arrival, we spotted a school of Redfish. Kevin made an excellent presentation and hooked a 30 inch Red. The fight was a good one with several drag screaming runs.  After several minutes, we landed the fish, had a quick photo session and then carefully returned big Red to the water.
On Friday, the fishing was not easy but it sure was fun. Sometimes wonky is good.
Captain Greg Peralta may be contacted at or call (843) 224-0099.
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