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Fishing Report
Sometimes you have to resort to fishing Plan-E
By Greg Peralta
Dec 5, 2012 - 9:50:45 AM

The only bad thing about an extended period of great fishing is that at some point it ends. After weeks of putting up incredible catch and release numbers, a person (namely me) begins to (mistakenly) believe that fishing is easy. Clearly this is a delusion and I was jolted back to reality when fishing with Daniel Island residents Gary Thornhill and Julian Levin.  
On the day of our trip, the weather was forecast to be sunny and warm with light and variable winds.  However, we fished in cloudy, cool and breezy conditions. On that day, the only person more consistently wrong than the weatherman was me. Given the weather curveball, we immediately scratched Plan-A (Redfish on the flats) and executed Plan-B (Trout in creek drains). After an hour without a single bite, Plan-C (Trout on submerged ledges) was put into play.
Another hour passed with zero fish so we implemented Plan-D (Trout in deep channels). D is for desperation. Thankfully, when fishing deep channels, Gary released a Flounder and Julian released a Trout. Unfortunately, that was all the fish produced by Plan-D.  This was worrisome, because the E in Plan-E is for embarrassment (as I was running out of plans).  
Thankfully, Plan-E turned out to be for Elliott (my son) who was fishing with my brother David. They had located a school of hungry Redfish and called to tell us the location. Gary, Julian and I made a quick run to the specified location (a shallow flat on the Wando River) and began seeing (but still not catching) Redfish. It was just that kind of day. Gary and Julian fished hard. They eventually caught and released six quality Redfish, four on jig and mud minnow combinations and two on Z-Man MinnowZ Bad Shads.
By all accounts, we endured a tough but very enjoyable day of fishing.  Great fishing is not about what you catch but who you catch it with. Given this insight, fishing really is easy.
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