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Fishing Report
Tailing Redfish season is waning
By Greg Peralta
Sep 19, 2012 - 9:25:25 AM

Elliott and David Peralta with a Redfish caught on a tailing tide.

Over the past few weeks, the slow and steady progression towards winter has been pretty evident.  As cooler weather approaches, the Redfish “tailing” season will begin to wind down. Spotting and stalking Redfish on the shallow Spartina flats is one of my favorite things to do. So with the season winding down, I put together a tailing trip with Elliott (my son) and David (my brother).
The optimal tide was late in the afternoon and the sun was already low on the horizon when we arrived at our favorite Spartina flat. Off in the distance, we could see Redfish tails waving above the surface of the water. Elliott and David left the skiff and began pursuing the tailing Redfish on foot. I stayed on the skiff and used the height of the poling platform to try and spot more tailing fish. Standing on the platform, I could see Elliott slowly and quietly work his way into casting range of a huge Redfish tail. David stopped his stalk and began watching Elliott as well. The setting sun cast hues of red, purple and blue on the water. For a moment, we forgot about fishing and just admired the sunset. Without speaking, each of us realized this was a special moment and took a few seconds to commit the scene to our memories.
It was almost completely dark when Elliott presented the PaddlerZ to the tailing fish. It was too dark for me to see the strike, but the singing drag on Elliott’s reel let me know a fish was on the line. For some reason, the three of us found this to be extremely funny. We laughed the whole time Elliott was fighting the fish. Eventually, the big Red was landed and released (after a quick picture).  It was a great way to wind down the tailing season.
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