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Fishing Report
Take a plunge, start a New Years Day fishing tradition
By Greg Peralta
Dec 26, 2012 - 8:45:25 AM

Captain Greg Peralta, pictured here with a nice Redfish, has a tradition of fishing on New Years Day with his brother and son. And the best part, it doesn't involve jumping into cold ocean water!

The holiday season is full of family traditions. Some are past down through the generations and others simply occur.  One of my favorite traditions is of the latter variety. Several years ago, David (my brother), Elliott (my son) and I decided to go fishing on New Years Day. The weather was unusually warm and we fished in shorts and t-shirts. Every year since, we have fished on New Years Day regardless of the weather.  I like this tradition because it reminds me that the most important thing about fishing is not catching fish. The most important thing is spending time with your family and friends.  
Fishing in January can be tough. On cloudy days, the water temperature is in the lower fifty-degree range.  Water this cold makes Redfish and Trout pretty lethargic.  As such, small lures with slow presentations are the key to consistent action. In years past, the Z-Man Rain MinnowZ on an eighth ounce jig has been a solid producer of fish. A slow crawl and stop retrieve (letting the lure sit on the bottom for several seconds) seems to trigger the most bites.
On warm and sunny January days, the flats warm up. Bait fish become more active and so do the predators that eat them. Under these conditions, a 4” Z-Man PaddlerZ on an eighth ounce 3/0 or 4/0 flutter hook is hard to beat. This lure combination casts well and sinks with a slow undulating action.  Casting a PaddlerZ several feet in front of a school of cruising Redfish and simply letting it sink to the bottom is a highly effective technique.
Regardless of the weather, January is great for spending time with your family and friends. You just may even catch a few fish!
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