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Fishing Report
Target big Trout with baits
By Greg Peralta
Jul 11, 2013 - 3:08:29 PM

Daniel Island resident Kevin McMurtry caught a small (about 8 inch) Redfish on a mud minnow. As he brought the fish to the boat, a large Trout ate the Redfish!

What does a fishing guide do while on vacation? Go fishing of course! Last week, I was Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys. For most of the week, windy conditions made for extremely challenging conditions. However, the tarpon were very cooperative. We caught and released several fish using flies, lures and live bait. With Tarpon checked off the list, we moved to the mountains seeking cooler weather and Rainbow Trout. Unprecedented amounts of rainfall made fishing in the streams unproductive and downright dangerous. So no Rainbow Trout for me.
While away, I have been keeping in touch with other anglers and guides. By all accounts, the fishing has been quite good. However, severe thunderstorms have been keeping most people off the water. Trout have been feeding quite well around marsh drains and current seams. Water clarity is important when targeting Trout. With all the rain, the best water clarity occurs during the latter stages of the rising tide. Z-Man MinnowZ in Bad Shad and Pinfish colors have been good producers. Live shrimp under a float have also been good. However, bait stealers (such as pinfish and croaker) make fishing shrimp problematic (unless you have a lot of shrimp).  
Under the category of unusual catches, Daniel Island resident, Kevin McMurtry shared this with me. While fishing for Trout (around high tide), he hooked a small (about 8 inch) Redfish on a mud minnow. As he brought the fish to the boat, a large Trout ate the Redfish! This is a great example of the food chain in our rivers and creeks. It also serves as a reminder to target big Trout with big baits. Next time you catch a pinfish or croaker, try using it for live bait. If you catch a big fish, make sure to say thanks to Kevin for sharing this reminder.
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