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Fishing Report
The Trout are back!
By Greg Peralta
May 1, 2013 - 9:39:01 AM

Diane Rozier is pictured with a spotted sea trout.

A couple of years ago, an unusually cold winter decimated our Spotted Sea Trout population. At the time, biologists with the Department of Natural Resources asked anglers to voluntarily release all Spotted Sea Trout. The angling community enthusiastically complied. These conservation measures and subsequent mild winters have allowed the Trout population to rebound. They are back and in a big way.
Recently, Daniel Island resident Diane Rozier invited me to fish on her boat. We met late in the afternoon as the tide was falling in Clouter Creek. Our plan was to target Trout on marsh points and creek drains.  Diane had a healthy supply of mud minnow in her live well so I rigged a couple of rods with rattle floats.  Pretty much every point and drain that we hit held some Trout (if there was a strong current seam).  We cast mud minnows suspended a foot or so below the rattle floats into the current seams and let them drift.  The float would quickly disappear as a hungry Trout inhaled the mud minnow. We caught a good number of fish and I was impressed with Diane’s conservation ethic. She released most of the fish without bringing them into the boat.  When she had to handle a fish, Diane made sure to wet her hands to protect the Trout’s slime layer. Anglers like Diane are helping to keep our Trout population strong.
While I release most of the fish that I catch, I do enjoy eating a fresh Trout fillet dusted in flour and pan seared. Delicious!  When I do keep fish for the table they are in the 16 inch size range. If possible, I try to release the larger (breeding size female) fish.  In theory, this helps to maintain healthy Trout stocks.
The Trout are back. So invite a friend to go fishing.  
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