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Fishing Report
Tide plays an important role in fishing
By Greg Peralta
Sep 11, 2013 - 9:24:04 AM

For me, the lower stages of the tide are the optimal times to fish. However, this weekend, the optimal tides occurred during football games that I wanted to watch. So I fished during the less optimal tide windows.  
Friday afternoon, I fished for 90 minutes during the optimal tide. Given the short timeframe, no time was spent catching live bait. Z-Man MinnowZ Bad Shad fished around depth transition zones produced 6 Redfish (all in the 30 inch range) and several big Trout. The bite was definitely on during the lower stages of the tide.
Saturday, in the same areas but on a higher stage of the tide I only caught three fish. Sunday was even worse. Fishing with my friend Jonathan Anderegg (who is a very good angler) we struggled to catch a single fish. Thankfully, at the end of the trip (after 4 hours of fishing) we each caught a quality Redfish.  
Tide plays an important role in fishing. Areas that are productive during lower stages of the tide will probably be unproductive when the tide is higher. The converse is also true. The key to consistently good fishing (regardless of the tide) is to adjust areas and techniques according to the tide. On Saturday and Sunday, I should have fished current seams along marsh points and submerged oyster bars (which are proven high tide strategies). When the tide began to fall, moving to creek mouths and marsh drains would have (in theory) kept me in biting fish. This is something I will try to remember when fishing and football conflict with one another.  
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