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Features : Fishing Report Last Updated: Jan 23, 2013 - 9:12:40 AM

Warmer water temperatures increase fish count
By Greg Peralta
Jan 23, 2013 - 9:11:10 AM

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Jeff Weldon caught this Redfish on a recent windy day.

Recently, the weather has been unusually warm and exceedingly windy. With water temperatures back in the upper fifty degree range, the fish are biting. However, fishing in a gale is not much fun (and kind of stupid).  As I am not a rocket scientist (and prone to do stupid things), I went fishing anyway. Not smart. Thankfully, I at least had the good sense to fish in a sheltered creek.  In the creek, the water was pretty calm but the wind was absolutely brutal. Working the trolling motor, making accurate casts and not falling out of the boat were nearly impossible tasks.  As such, I caught three docks, five trees and eight fish. Happy to report all were released without incident. The docks, trees, Trout and Redfish all found the MinnowZ Bad Shad simply irresistible. Take it from me; do not fish in a gale, unless of course, you enjoy catching and releasing trees!
The wind is forecast to moderate in the coming week.  If it does, fishing should be very good.  Look for Redfish and Trout to be actively feeding until the water temperature returns to a more typical range for January. Large schools of Redfish will be marauding finger mullet in the shallows. Trout will be feeding in deeper water around submerged ledges and channels.  If it remains windy, the dock and tree bite will really turn on. Unfortunately, they are so easy to catch it is not very sporting.
On Saturday, January 26 at 11 am, I will be conducting a seminar at the Charleston Boat Show.  If you want to learn more about using soft plastic lures to catch Redfish and Trout (and the occasional tree), please drop by. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or (843) 224-0099.

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