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Fishing Report
You can have a great day of fishing in bad weather
By Gerg Peralta
May 8, 2013 - 9:55:05 AM

To say that the weather has been unusual is an understatement. Last week it felt more like March than May. Cool temperatures, gale force winds and persistent rain made fishing a challenging proposition. However, in one of the few good weather windows, I did squeeze in a trip with Bryan and Rick Derrickson.  
As it relates to weather, good is a relative term. On the day of our trip, it was cool, overcast and breezy (but it was the best weather of the week). We launched into the first of the incoming tide and set about the task of sight fishing for Redfish. Choppy conditions and poor water clarity made spotting Redfish very difficult.  
After a while, we resorted to spooking the fish and casting mud minnows on jigs ahead of them as they left the area. Bryan and his Dad (Rick) quickly became adept at spotting the spooking fish and casting just in front of them. Usually, this is not the most productive strategy, but it did keep us in steady Redfish action.   
Eventually, the tide rose enough and the Redfish dispersed into the Spartina. So we began focusing our efforts on Spotted Sea Trout. By now, the gale force winds had returned. Thus, fishing with soft plastic lures (my favorite way to fish) was nearly impossible.  
With a healthy supply of mud minnows we opted to use rattle float rigs. As I prepared the rigs, I explained how precise the drift of the float (in relation to the current seam) needed to be. Both Bryan and Rick are excellent anglers and keeping the float in the strike was no problem.  
We hit a couple of marsh points before we found the Trout. After that, we enjoyed bites on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the wind continued to intensify. With the wind blowing against the tide, the Wando River began to become extremely rough. Always keeping safety first, we called it a day.  
The weather has been challenging. However, if you (safely) fish in bad weather with good company, you can have a great day of fishing.
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