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'Diet' - a four-letter word you shouldn't do

Posted in: Fitness

As trainers, one of the most common questions we are asked is "How many calories should I eat everyday?"

There are two ways to determine the answer to that question. Unfortunately, neither of them involves simply plugging your height and weight into a formula and coming up with a magic number of calories which, if you stick to, will change your weight in either direction.

One way to

Hot weather is on the way

Posted in: Fitness

Now that summer is approaching rapidly, temperatures are beginning to soar and the humidity is getting thicker every day. For those of us who like to exercise outdoors, that translates into a greater need to pay attention to keeping ourselves hydrated adequately.

Just how much water is enough? It was once thought that eight 8-oz. glasses was the minimum. Then came the overhydration scare – the premise that one can drink too much water. So just how much water should you put in that glass or aluminum bottle? (You’re not still drinking from a plastic bottle, are you?!)

In search of the perfect skin care product

Posted in: Fitness

Are ready to begin your search for the perfect product? After looking over scores of ingredient lists, comparing several products against each other looking for safety hazards, natural ingredients, effectiveness, and cost, I am still not sure the perfect sunscreen exists! Perhaps the following information can at the least help you make an informed purchase.



Fitness means taking care of your skin, too

Posted in: Fitness

Summer is approaching all too quickly – it seems we’ve gone from winter, through a brief interlude of spring, and arrived at summer all in about a month. Take one look at the seasonal aisle of any grocery or drug store, and you’ll see the proof – rows and rows of various sunscreens. There’s a sunscreen for every skin type – sporty, sensitive, baby, or environmentally concerned – and for every cosmetic preference – sunscreens, sunblocks, lotions, creams, oils, and sprays. How on earth is one to choose an effective, safe product that smells good, won’t wash off in the water, and doesn’t make you look like you’ve been bathed in Elmer’s glue? Unfortunately it’s about as easy as selecting a safe non-leaching water bottle these days.

Overweight ? Or just stressed?

Posted in: Fitness

Many of my clients admit to me that they eat when they are stressed. Turning to a bag of chips, a few chocolate chip cookies, or a carton of ice cream seems to give many people comfort –at least for the moment. Of course, the additional empty calories contribute to weight gain and may ultimately result in many added pounds each year.

But is there another link between stress and weight gain? Especially for women in their 40s or 50s, there seems to be an additional factor – one that may eventually lead to more serious problems than a few extra pounds.

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