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2011 Holiday Fiction Writing Contest

Posted in: Holiday Fiction

Holiday Fiction Writing Contest

Finish this Story, win $25 Cash!

Daniel Island News writer Jennifer Johnston has created a fictional story that has left Santa in a terrible bind. One problem – writer’s block. Now she needs your help getting Santa out of his dilemma. Write the conclusion in 500 words or less, copy and past it into an email to, include “Holiday Fiction” on the subject line, and you will be eligible to win one of the four $25 cash gifts available from The Daniel Island News. In addition, your story may be published in an upcoming edition of the paper. Dead line to submit stories is midnight on Dec. 8.


The St. Nick Sidekicks: An A-team goes AWOL


“You have no new messages in your mailbox.”


Downtrodden, Santa hung up his be-tinseled iPhone. He had hoped for the best, and was surprised by the worst. It had been weeks since he’d spoken to his comrades, and in the final weeks before Christmas, he needed his team like the Dickens.


Oh, sure, he understood that his holiday ambassadors had other pursuits. In fact, he had encouraged it, in an effort to avoid merriment burnout. And he was thrilled for the success each Christmas cohort was enjoying. Rudolph, always a bit of a gangsta, was on tour with Lil Wayne and Ludacris as director of lighting and aerial stunts for the Hip Hop Holidayz tour. Frosty the Snowman was busy canvassing junior high schools as a public speaker, warning preteens against the dangers of corn cob smoking, fossil fuels as garment fastenings, and jaywalking. The Grinch was up to his eyeballs producing the second season of The Real Housewives of Whoville. Even Santa’s newest chum of cheer, Buddy the Elf, had developed a booming side business of plus-size hosiery for the larger tight-wearing toymakers (think elfin Spanx).


Now, I know what you’re thinking: how could these sous-Santas find anything more fulfilling than sharing their sweet lessons of Christmas under the leadership of someone adored by every believer (okay, there was that one kid who “allegedly” saw the big guy smooching his mom, but it was late, the house was dark, and honestly children have such imaginations…). But you might imagine how his Fab Four had grown restless in the summer months, when folks can’t be bothered with the idea of holiday spirit. Then, over time, the alternate employment in which they dabbled during the warmer months seeped into fall and winter, as it would for any iconic go-getter, until Santa found he could only count on them between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. And now, it appeared he was getting a full Christmas diss(mas).


Santa Claus could no longer sit around waiting for his holiday homies to show up. He needed to recruit another entourage, and fast. But where on Earth would he find a replacement squadron with equally captivating backstories and catchy companion soundtracks? Truth be told, he’d be happy with just one first mate, and would even be wil ling to forego the musical accompaniment. It was December 1st, and there was just no way the level of holiday spirit required for the last push to the 25th could be sustained without some cheer-tastic reinforcement. And then, in a twink ling, he had an idea!

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