Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler discusses his final two weeks in office

On January 1, 2019, Berkeley County will welcome new Supervisor Johnny Cribb to the office. Current Supervisor Bill Peagler has served in the post since 2014, when he ran unopposed.

During his final two weeks in office, Peagler said that he’s committed himself to creating a smooth administrative transformation for his successor.

“At the present, we’re trying to basically wind up the ... material that’s on the agenda, and make the transition,” stated Peagler. “We’ve extended the opportunity for him to come in and speak with us.”

As far as the County’s agenda goes, the Supervisor said that no item is taking precedence over another.

“They’ve [Council] held off on a lot of stuff to be taken care of under the new administration, and that’s fine,” he commented. “We want to make Berkeley County a success going forward and I have no reservations that they will do their best to accomplish that.”

Peagler stated that for the near future, he will focus on non-political ventures.

“I’m going to take some time at the present and see what I can do to finish the house I started building last year and just spend some time with my wife,” he said.

“I don’t have a taste for politics anymore because I’ve always wanted to help people, but I’ve reached my limit on that,” Peagler added. “I think that if I go back to the practice of law, I will enjoy helping individuals, as opposed to trying to move an entire county.”

While looking back on the last four years in office, the Supervisor said that the achievements he’s the proudest of are the industrial and economic development, and the Sheep Island interchange.

“I have been blessed during my term to have been successful in those areas,” Peagler commented. “We didn’t have to raise taxes, the budget continued to increase, we improved services not only to traffic, but also to the Sheriff’s Department and ambulances, EMS. These are all quality of life improvements that I take pride in.”

The last six weeks of Bill Peagler’s tenure as Berkeley County Council Supervisor have been rocky, to say the least. At a November 13 special meeting, County Council accused the Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor Tim Callanan of misappropriating $49,900 of county funds in an unapproved severance package for Callanan. The deputy supervisor was terminated, a SLED investigation was requested by council, and Peagler was stripped of his spending power for the remainder of his time in office (for funds that had not already been allocated). Berkeley County Public Information Officer Carli Drayton recently told The Daniel Island News that the hiring process for Callanan’s replacement “will be up to the discretion of Mr. Cribb.”

“There have been some things in the press, lately, that were rather disparaging, but I feel I’ll be vindicated on those items,” Peagler said about the accusations. “I just hope that the press will give as much to the end result as they have to the sensationalism of the past few weeks.”

When asked if he had any message for his constituents, Peagler stated, “I tried to do my job to the best of my abilities with a better quality of life for Berkeley County, and I’d like to think I accomplished that.”

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