DI groups team up to help others

We know that all of us have had our lives changed, challenged and inconvenienced due to COVID-19, but those less fortunate in our community need our help now.

Working with the Daniel Island Rotary Club and the Daniel Island Community Fund, the Daniel Island Community Foundation is asking you to join the partnership and help fund three local nonprofit organizations that service immediate needs for the disadvantaged in our area. Daniel Island property owners’ donations are requested with an opportunity for a 3-for-1 match. The first $2,500 of aggregate donations will be matched dollar for dollar by The Rotary Club of Daniel Island AND matched 2-for-1 by the Daniel Island Community Fund.

Here are the three organizations that are in urgent need and will be benefiting from this fundraising challenge:

• East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO)

• East Cooper Meals on Wheels

• Lowcountry Food Bank

All three of these organizations are feeling the pressure as service requests have significantly increased in the last three weeks. These organizations and their volunteers are working tirelessly, risking their lives to help those who need them the most.

With this matching challenge, each organization has the potential to receive a donation of at least $10,000. Daniel Island property owner donations of up to $2,500 will be matched by the Daniel Island Rotary Club. Once the total reaches $5,000, the Daniel Island Community Fund will match up to $5,000 for each of the three organizations listed above. Your $1 donation turns into a $3 dollar donation.

In less than 24 hours, we have raised a total of $25,700 (total as of 11:30 a.m. on April 16) which brings each organization to their match.

We are not stopping now – this challenge will continue through May 1. Let’s see how much we can raise for these three deserving organizations!

Donating is easy. Visit the announcements page on the POA website dicommunity.org to get personalized links to donate to the above organizations via our donation platform, Donate2It.

We are asking the community to join us in funding for these basic human needs. Help us spread the word and if you can, donate to these deserving nonprofits so that they can continue to help those in need.

Danielle Hermann is the Recreation and Communications Manager for the Daniel Island Property Owners' Association.

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