DINA 'Safer Streets' campaign debuts!

The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association has launched a new campaign to educate the community about issues impacting safety. Each week, DINA will share a different safety tip on a specific topic, such as yielding to pedestrians and crime prevention.

According to DINA President Marie Delcioppo, the campaign is intended to “to build camaraderie and goodwill amongst residents, to get residents to hold themselves accountable, all of which, in turn, will help foster a safer community.”

The first subject to be targeted by DINA in the “Safer Streets” campaign is bike safety. See below for this week’s tip!

Tip #1 -- Bicycles

Article V, Division 3 of the City of Charleston’s Code of Ordinances addresses regulations pertaining to bicycles. The link below takes you to all of those regulations. Here we highlight those most Daniel Island residents ask about.

1. Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway has the same rights — and the same duties and responsibilities — as the driver of a vehicle. This means that a bicyclist must obey traffic control signals, signs, and other control devices the same as the driver of a vehicle, unless otherwise directed by a police officer.

2. Riding a bicycle on a sidewalk is prohibited except: A) Children 12 years of age or younger and whose bicycle wheel diameter is 24 inches or less; B) Where the sidewalk is designated by the City’s Traffic & Transportation Department as a shared-use path measuring at least 8 feet in width (we do not have any such sidewalks on Daniel Island); C) Where the adjacent highway has a posted speed limit of 35 mph or more.

3. If you are permitted to ride on a sidewalk, upon encountering a crosswalk, you must dismount and walk your bicycle across.

4. Bicycles shall not be operated in a reckless manner. Any person permitted in the above to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk must — at all times — ride the bicycle with due care and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians using the sidewalk.

Want more info? Visit:

https://library.municode.com/sc/charleston/codes/code_of_ordinances?node... CH19MOVETR_ARTVBIMOCEVE_ DIV3REAPBI_S19-121TRLAAPPERIBI

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