Mazey is December's Top Dog!

The Daniel Island Property Owners Association (POA) finished up their 2017 “Top Dogs of Daniel Island” contest by awarding “Mazey,” an adorable Golden-doodle puppy, with the December crown.

Mazey won voters over with her first ever snow day photo! This fun-loving pooch reportedly enjoys living on Daniel Island and exploring the many parks and trails with her family. The POA recently sat down with her owners to learn more about the competition’s final top dog!

How did Mazey come to join your family?

Mazey joined our family in 2017, on Christmas Day. My wife asked Santa for a puppy throughout 2017 and her wish finally came true, just a few short weeks ago.

When/how did Mazey come to be a dog of Daniel Island?

My wife and I moved to Daniel Island in October of 2015. Mazey lives with us in our home on Mellish Court near Etiwan Park. She’s on a mission to explore all of Daniel Island in 2018.

What are some of Mazey’s favorite ways to spend time on Daniel Island?

She’s still new to the world at 10 weeks of age. Her first time in Etiwan Park was during the snowstorm. She fit right in. Hopefully she will get to see snow again in the future. Mazey loves exploring the trails leading to Beresford Creek. She loves cruising around, meeting new friends and chasing the frisbee.

What do you like about having a dog on Daniel Island?

Daniel Island made the decision easy for us. Mazey gets to be “doodle-business-casual” for all occasions. She gets to stretch her legs, play with other dogs, meet new hard-hugging humans, bark at the wind whipping by, you know…dog stuff.

What is Mazey’s favorite treat, toy or game?

Mazey loves a great tug-of-war battle regardless of the item (towels, shoes, remote controls, etc.) Additionally, Mazey enjoys tormenting our three cats – Charlee, Mickey and Burgers. Never a dull moment.

Tell us more about your photo submission.

Mazey joined our family on Christmas day. Nine days later, the snow came. Mazey barely knew our house, much less the surrounding area. We kept thinking, “If we don’t get pictures now, when are we ever going to get to take pictures of our dog in the snow on Daniel Island again?” We rolled the dice and took her to Etiwan Park to see if she would like the snow. We captured the moment with our GoPro camera. We processed the footage and submitted the picture of her charging through the snow in Etiwan Park.

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest?

Get outside, take a high-quality picture, and use the Lowcountry landscape in your background. Let the weather do the rest.

How will Mazey celebrate being December’s Dog of Daniel Island?

Mazey plans to celebrate by biting the ocean air, aboard our Hatteras Convertible patrol vessel “Aslan.” If she’s a good girl, later she will get to romp around with her newest doggy friends – Hazel, Chloe and Olivia.

Is there a favorite story or fact about Mazey that you’d like to share?

Mazey was born on Halloween. She seems a bit worried that this photo contest is going to come back to haunt her. Only time will tell.

The Daniel Island POA enjoyed seeing all of the adorable photos of the island’s furry friends throughout the year and had the following message for those who entered the competition:

“Thanks to all who participated for your enthusiasm and interest, and for sharing your photos!”

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