A not-to-be-missed list for book lovers!

This week’s list is somewhat like the Amazon page that tells you “Others who bought this book also purchased…” and gives you suggestions based on your literary selections. Below are some great books for men and women, and most middle school age readers and up, but you may want to preview before you recommend some of these to younger readers.

I am grouping these by genre and it is a curated list as there is not room for every good book in each category. Hopefully, this will entice you to continue to follow this column. Happy reading!


“Fortunate Son” by Lewis B. Puller Jr. - His experience in the Vietnam War and battle with cancer. This is a sobering tome and I think every person should read it.

“Redeployment” by Phil Klay - Multi-award winning book of short stories drawn from the author’s time in Iraq and Afghanistan. National Book Award 2014.

“Ranger Games” by Ben Blum - What could make a decent soldier rob a bank? Loyalty to a commanding officer or stupidity? Or both? Non-fiction.


“The Great Alone” by Kristin Hannah - Life in a remote section of Alaska.

“The Marsh King’s Daughter” by Karen Dionne – “The Room,” but set in the Upper Peninsula.

“Educated” by Tara Westover - The non-fiction version of the above.


“The Butchering Art” by Lindsay Fitzharris - Not only will you wash your hands more attentively after you read this, you will acquire true appreciation for the revolution of medical skills and methods.

“The Strange Case of Dr. Couney” by Dawn Raffel - Crazy true story of how incubators came to be used for premature infants. Hint- they were first used as a side show attraction at Coney Island and World Fairs. Saving babies under 2 pounds at birth!


“The Great Bridge” by David McCullough - You will never look at a bridge the same again. Immigrants were paid 25 cents a day to build the Brooklyn Bridge. The engineering is astonishing and the wife took it all over and completed the job when Roebling became ill.

“DaVinci” by Walter Isaacson - The scope of works by DaVinci is beyond what you think you know. His powers of observation were unparalleled and his work ethic unmatched. Accompanying illustrations add enormously to understanding this Renaissance man.


“Dear Mrs. Bird” by A.J. Pearce - Delightful and sweet story in wartime London. Full of British-isms.

“The Windfall” by Diksha Basu - What would you change if you came into a lot of money? Set in India but relevant to every culture.

Becky Bechhold is a Daniel Island resident who describes herself as “a voracious reader.” Prior to moving to the island, she was part of a book club that had met for over 20 years. She has a record of all the books they read! After Becky contributed a list of book suggestions for a summer reading issue in The Daniel Island News this past June, a reader got in touch to compliment Becky’s insights and ask for more! She was more than happy to oblige.

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