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It’s true: even the most seasoned extroverts can have trouble making new friends following a relocation or retirement. When you don’t have your bearings, or the “convenience” of an at-the-ready group of peers in the workplace, tracking down folks with whom you share interests and commonalities can be tough.

So, two and a half years ago, a few Daniel Island women who felt lucky enough to find friendship in one another decided to assemble an evolving group of women to ease transitions and foster connections. They called it “On Our Own,” or OOO for short, a nod to each woman’s capacity to find her place in a new town or circumstances.

Since August 2013, OOO has grown to over 70 members. The group meets once a month for an outing – from hands-on art to a film screening to a philanthropic project – and lunch at an island eatery. They average about 15 women of varying ages at each get-together, and always welcome newcomers.

“There are other, more formalized groups out there,” observes head organizer Carolyn Goff, “and we see moms and kids out with their playgroups. But we wanted something different, just for ‘us.’”

The day they meet varies from month to month, and communications are sent out via email to keep members apprised of upcoming dates. This month, they met at the Daniel Island Library for “zen coloring,” then headed to Wasabi Daniel Island for lunch. Next month? It’s a tour of the College of Charleston, then back to DI for another lunch among friends.

Ironically, the ladies of On Our Own have found they are far from it.

If you are interested in being added to the group, please contact Carolyn Goff at or Nicki Campbell at

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