Thousands tuning in to play DI-based company's live trivia app

Stream’s ‘The Q’ offers a chance for fans to test their knowledge

What nation did the macadamia nut come from? What does olfaction mean? Those are just a couple of the trivia questions posted to audiences worldwide recently by Daniel Island-based live video service provider Stream Enterprise, a tech company that operates out of the MUSC Health Stadium complex. The questions come from Stream’s trivia app, The Q. The contest is similar to the addictively popular “HQ” game, a live daily trivia competition that launched about a year ago. The format of an average game on The Q is pretty simple. A host poses 12 questions to the audience, and the folks that answer every question correctly receive a portion of the prize money, usually totaling between $500 to $1000. The award is split evenly amongst the winners. The largest prize The Q has ever given was $5,000. On Sundays, the trivia app hosts a game called Survival where the host continues to ask trivia questions until only one person is left. The winner takes the entire prize for themselves on those nights. The Q hosted its first show in December 2017, and has seen a plurality of regular viewers. “We have hundreds of thousands of people that play monthly,” said The Q’s creator Will Jamieson. “Most of our users actually aren’t playing in Charleston, South Carolina. Most of them are playing in bigger cities, New York, Dallas, where there’s just more population density.” When The Daniel Island News tuned into a game on Aug. 23 (we got to question six), over 8,500 people were playing. The Q’s growth hasn’t been limited to viewer numbers. Larger media companies have involved themselves with the video service to provide their own special trivia shows. Jamieson provides internet radio titan Pandora Music as an example of companies they’ve worked with. “If Pandora Music wants to come in and host a show to engage with their audience, we provide them with the tools to do that,” he said. In addition to Pandora, Major League Soccer and Fox Sports have partnered with The Q to do a trivia show. “We launched it back then [in December] as just purely a trivia app where we were producing our shows on our own, and since that, we’ve expanded to more of a trivia network,” said Jamieson. The Q’s international presence has grown with it, thanks to their strategic choice of companies to pair with. “We are localizing for markets by picking media companies in those regions to partner with and build our international footprint,” said The Q creator. With the advancements the app has made in the past eight months, they are already looking to push further in the near future. “We’re still pretty young as a product,” mentioned Jamieson. “Our current focus right now is international growth, as well as expanding into different formats.”

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