The weather is cold but the fishing is hot

Last week was spent trying to get re-acquainted with the fish of the Lowcountry but the weather was most uncooperative. Several days of strong winds and rain kept my time on the water to a minimum. However, when I did manage to fish, the Trout and Redfish were very accommodating.

Water temperatures continue to hold in the middle 50 degree range. This is good news for anglers as Trout and Redfish are feeding like it is fall (and not winter). Large schools of Redfish are patrolling the shallows and eating everything that is unfortunate enough to be in their path. Once a school is located, casting a soft plastic lure in front of them usually results in a solid hook up. Since the schools tend to hang around oyster bars and sparse areas of the marsh, a weedless lure is much more effective. My favorite is a 4” Z-Man PaddlerZ (Texas rigged) on a 3/0 eighth ounce flutter hook. This combination casts well and keeps hang-up (on oysters and marsh grass) to a minimum.

The Trout bite in January is typically extremely light, just a slight tap that can be difficult to feel. However, this week, the strike was pretty aggressive, a solid thump that was easy to feel. As such, I was able to catch and release a bunch of Trout. When fishing with 2 other anglers, triples (three Trout at the same time) were not unusual. Bouncing a MinnowZ in Bad Shad or Houdini along depth transitions in 10 to 20 feet was highly productive.

While January weather can be a bit cold, the fishing (right now) is pretty darn hot. If the water temperature remains in the middle 50 range, the solid action should continue. If you have stopped fishing for the winter, it is a great time to get re-acquainted with Lowcountry fishes! Contact Captain Greg Peralta at or call (843) 224-0099.

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