With apologies to Theodor Geisel and a shout out to Jim Hitchings...SCANA DROPS A NUKE

Residents put down roots on tranquil Daniel Isle.
A peaceful existence, a locale for a smile.
Their abodes were kept warm; in the summer kept cool.
The homes were all lighted and a few had a pool.

Technology gizmos overfilled all these houses.
Cellphones, flat screens, tablets, and computers with mouses.
A most magical juice that came from the SCANA,
Flowed direct to each home like heavenly manna.

The SCANA was mighty, and monopoly armed.
It made a good profit and its forecasts were charmed.
But SCANA wanted more, sought to expand and grow,
Add more nuke to its plants and then watch the cash flow.

Some critics said please wait and consider our fears.
This work hasn’t been done for a while, 30 years.
But SCANA proceeded, moving forward with haste.
It called for a trick shot, no delays and no waste.

The tab was 10 billion, perhaps more, by a few.
The SCANA did not care. They could charge it to you.
Laws allow this result. They don’t need your consent.
A surcharge on your bill; a mere 18 percent.

They planned two reactors, called nuke two and nuke three.
A titanic project. Difficult? Certainly!
Toshiba Westinghouse was in charge of the works.
But some of the blueprints were drawn up by some jerks.

With each passing hour, the construction got worse.
Yet SCANA plowed forward, a blind eye to the curse.
A parade of missteps at poor V. C. Summer,
Foretold that the project would end up a bummer.

Quickly schedules were missed and costs escalated.
Expense budgets were blown, big losses created.
What could go wrong then did. Situation snafu-ey.
The last straw was broken. Westinghouse went ka-blooey!

Santee Cooper conferred, gave a yank on the rug.
The SCANA had no choice but to then pull the plug.
Billions of expenses still remained on the bill.
The question on all lips: So who swallows this pill?

Regulators swarmed in, lawyers took to hover.
While politicos brayed and scattered for cover.
Probes, hearings, inquires will go on day by day.
But they won’t recover all the dough thrown away.

It might have been better and much more sublime,
To buy the reactors using Amazon Prime.
This tale has a moral to skip pain and ruing.
Do not play with atoms lest you know what you’re doing.

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