Be open to suggestions

My working title for this week’s column was “Don’t put bras in the clothes dryer.” But, over time, it developed into “Be open to suggestions.” Let me explain.

It all started when my husband declared, “I know the secret to a lasting marriage…don’t put bras in the dryer.” He continued, “I think I will post that on the refrigerator.”

This revelation came about several days after he did the laundry, including putting my sports bra in the dryer. I kindly requested that in the future I would appreciate it if he didn’t put those in the dryer as it ruins the support. I thought this was a reasonable request, and a very thoughtful teaching moment on my part, as he had been a bachelor for 49 years prior to our marriage. And, even though he has four sisters, he never did their laundry.

A few days later, I got a text from my college-aged daughter that read, “I have a good quote for the refrigerator: Hug the haters.” She explained that this came to her after reading all the negative postings on social media on both sides of the political spectrum. I thought that was a very good sentiment expressed in the language of today’s youth, but very akin to the Golden Rule.

And then the other day when I walked by the refrigerator, I noticed someone had indeed posted a little wisdom of his own: “Someone else is happy with less than we have.”

The key to that sign, and the other suggestions I received and expressed here, is this: We all need to listen to and ponder the suggestions of others in all areas of our lives.

Having only written three columns, this being the fourth in the Refrigerator Wisdom series, I’ve received great feedback and as this latest submission reveals, those close to me have a lot of wisdom to share. So, my developing point here is this: please share your own refrigerator wisdom with me by sending an email to You just might end up in this column. After all, in the end, I did post, “Don’t put bras in the dryer” on the laundry room wall. But of course, I am always open to suggestions.

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