Letter to the Editor - December 27, 2018

Island boy offers thanks to Dr. Zetz for saving the day… and his teeth!

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a public thank you to Dr. Michael Zetz of Crescent Moon Orthodontics. He saved me on Dec. 17! He is my Daniel Island hero, even though we were on the other side of the Cooper River!

My night started out at Governors Park on Daniel Island, where I was playing jackpot before flag football practice. I got pushed into someone else and I wasn’t wearing my mouthguard and my bottom teeth were knocked forward! The only thing keeping my teeth in my mouth were my braces - there was blood everywhere from my nose to my chin! (The crazy thing is that I wasn’t supposed to have my braces on yet because my mom didn’t want me to look like “Napoleon Dynamite” in the Christmas pictures, but thank goodness she changed her mind at the last minute.)

Thankfully, Mrs. Ferraro, my coach’s wife, was there. She helped me and drove me home in her car. When my mom saw me, she flipped out and called the Family Circle Tennis Center where my dad was hitting with the ball machine. She said, “Come home right now!” Then she called my cousin Courtney, who knew exactly what to do - leave a message with Dr. Zetz’s office and go to the nearest emergency room.

On the way to the ER in Mount Pleasant, my Uncle John called and told me what to expect. He’s a dentist. When we finally got there and found out there wasn’t an oral surgeon available, we left. Just as we were leaving the parking lot to head downtown, Dr. Zetz called us and said he was there at the hospital for other reasons! It was a miracle!

So my dad swerved the car around and we went back inside the waiting room and sat down. The next thing I remember was how Dr. Zetz came through the double doors like a superhero! He looked in my mouth, ran to his car for his glasses, asked me to put my head back, borrowed some gloves and gauze pads and pushed my teeth back into position. Right in front of everyone in the ER waiting room! It was unbelievable! Thankfully my mom took pictures.

Thank you, Dr. Zetz, and thank you Tammy for calling us back and coming to our rescue and being there for us when we needed you the most.

My Uncle John told me that lots of kids get injured like I did and how important it is to always wear a mouthguard in any contact sports! I’ll be sure to remember that lesson forever!

Everett Duwel, age 10

Daniel Island

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