Letter to the Editor - July 12, 2018

Reader expresses concern about condition of grassy fields near Children’s Park
I live in the Barfield Park section of Daniel Island and enjoy walking the trail that runs adjacent to the Wando River to the dock and Children’s Park. I wonder if I am the only person who is upset in the way the new owners of the large and small fields next to the Children’s Park have allowed the grass and weeds to grow to height of 5-feet in some areas. This is not only an eyesore but a safety concern as well. In the past few months I have noticed a dramatic increase in snakes as well as mosquitoes in that area. I am also beginning to wonder if there is a correlation between the condition of these fields and the increased sightings in coyotes. Prior to these fields growing out of control, we did not have nearly as many coyote sightings in the area and the fact this is occurring next to a children’s park, makes it all that more unsettling. It is to the point that I am now concerned about walking my dog in the evening as well as for the safety of the kids I see in and around Barfield Park. This past weekend there was clear evidence that a coyote had been on the front porch of a house directly across from Barfield Park. As a group we should be protesting the deplorable conditions of these fields. Let’s speak out as one voice as a group that takes pride in our community and objects to these conditions.
Bob Fasold
Daniel Island
Editor’s Note: Mr. Fasold shared his letter as a post on local social media pages last week. Jane Baker, vice president of community services for the Daniel Island Property Owners Association, reached out to The Daniel Island News on Monday to let us know that the developer was trying to leave the area “in a natural meadow-like state,” but after receiving some complaints about the fields, the area will be mowed this week.


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