Letter to the Editor - May 17, 2018

Reader responds to coverage of May 1 DINA meeting

Thanks for the detailed reporting on this meeting. It assures me that our elected officials are aware of and addressing the concerns of the citizens residing in this part of Charleston.

There was one comment that caught my attention. Lt. Byrne, in response to a concern about drivers failing to stop at stop signs, stated, “I need to see more enforcement out of my guys.” Yes, lieutenant, you do. Not only rolling stops but excessive speed, tailgating and “texting” while driving. I can’t claim to be everywhere at once, but in the almost two years I have been driving here I have observed very little traffic enforcement activity. I do see one out of every four drivers driving while holding a device up in front of them while driving. I see chronic tailgating. The universal speed limit seems to be around 60 mph, regardless of what road you’re on. So, yes - I, too, hope to see more enforcement from your guys even if I myself get caught (less likely since I traded in my Mustang GT for a pickup truck). Other than that, keep up the good work, Team 5!

Bruce Bremer

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