Letter to the Editor - November 2, 107

The use of the Accommodations Tax money

I attended the Berkeley County Council meeting last week and one of the discussions was the use of the Accommodations Tax money. These were the options discussed for the use of the funds, which will be between a half to a million dollars per year with the growth estimated in the county:

1. Don’t spend it because it’s too much of a problem. Give it back or don’t collect it.

2. Give it to a group to promote local hotels and fish camps.

3. Hire a professional marketing firm to promote not only the hotels and camps, but tourism.

We are rich in history, we are world known for our lakes and fishing, we have a great tennis complex on Daniel Island, one of the best ecotourism (Water Trail Programs) in the state. I think this does make our county a tourist destination and with some good marketing it will only get better. You can view this meeting on the Berkeley County Facebook page to get the whole picture. Look at the video (5:57 time frame).

I encourage all of my friends in Berkeley County to call or write your council member and voice your choice of these options.

Archie Thompson

Moncks Corner

Upcoming House District 99 race is important to Daniel Island

Reader urges community to get out and vote!

We have an upcoming election that is very important for the Daniel Island community to turn out and vote. There’s some confusion because the local municipal elections are on Nov. 7, but Daniel Island has little beyond an affordable housing bond referendum to vote on in that election. The city election is for the even-numbered council districts and we are in District 1.

The election that will have the most impact for Daniel Island is the S.C. House District 99 Republican Primary a week later on Nov. 14 to fill the seat after it became vacant when Jim Merrill resigned after pleading guilty in the on-going Statehouse corruption probe. District 99 is very spread out and includes Daniel Island, Hanahan, Cainhoy, Goose Creek and the northern portion of Mount Pleasant. Three of the four Republican candidates running in the primary are from Daniel Island. We risk splitting the vote and allowing the election to go to the lone Mount Pleasant candidate, Mark Smith.

I have closely evaluated the candidate’s chances of winning and strongly believe that the race will come down to Smith and Nancy Mace, a Daniel Island resident. Nancy is a conservative businesswoman that has a thorough understanding of the issues most impacting the District 99 voters. Most of the district is in Berkeley County, but several members of the Charleston County Republican Party are strongly promoting Smith’s candidacy to swing the seat to Charleston County. A strong voter turnout on Daniel Island will negate their efforts and ensure the seat remains with a Berkeley County resident.

There are several issues where the State Legislature has a major impact on Daniel Island. Therefore, it behooves us to elect someone with a vested interest in our issues. Senator Larry Grooms and Merrill have done an excellent job of warding off the State Ports Authority and prevented negative development that could have happened on the south end of the island. This is not a done deal, so we still need strong leadership and someone that’s interested in making sure that the development on the south end of our island does not have an adverse impact on Daniel Island property values.

We also need someone that will push for the Department of Transportation to move forward more quickly on the widening of Route 526 and Clements Ferry Road. If you have driven up Clements Ferry to the new Philip Simmons High School and K8 school, you realize just how dire the situation is.

I could go on, but these two issues alone should be enough to motivate Daniel Island voters to turn out on Nov. 14 to vote for Nancy Mace. Please go to the polls on Nov. 14 and take a few minutes to vote in this very important election.

E. Mac McBride

Daniel Island

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