Making the most of motherhood (sort of)

To all those stress-free, patient, organized moms who make homeschooling look effortless while balancing work and cleaning and cooking and still find time for “self care” like yoga and hot baths — I admire and salute you!
But don’t be surprised if I also feel a tinge of jealousy toward those seemingly perfect moms who make the rest of us look bad.
I know I should be supportive of my fellow moms — I mean, we’ve been through the Mommy Wars together — but it’s hard when I am trapped inside my messy house with two fighting kids and feel overwhelmed with the weight of all the responsibilities that fall on a mother’s shoulders — in normal times and especially now in coronavirus times.
Parenting might be easy for some, but for me it’s a daily testing of wills and tears mixed with sweet faces and poignant moments. Sometimes the enormity of it all — keeping two humans alive, being able to provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being — is paralyzing and I just want to lay in bed all day. Other times, being a mom feels light and breezy as I watch amazed as my once-tiny babies grow into smart, independent children.
Moms are supposed to stay strong for their kids, and while I always considered myself a strong-minded person, the uncertainty of the coronavirus has exposed my weaknesses. I’m currently on furlough from my job as Family Social Coordinator. I was good at my job, and I miss our busy social schedule. Of course I still text with my group of mom friends every day, but it’s not the same as meeting them for lunch or at the park after school. I miss my book club and get-togethers in our neighbor’s garage. Just like my kids miss their friends, I miss my friends and the important role they play as confidantes and sounding boards and emotional supporters.
So for those who might be struggling to keep up with the never-ending laundry or to process this unique and unsettling situation we find ourselves in as a society, I totally empathize.
I keep telling myself it will get better, and in the meantime all I can do is embrace my flaws and focus on this moment in motherhood that I’ll never get back.
A virtual Mother’s Day Concert, featuring Jeremy Davis, Clay Johnson and The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra, will be held on Saturday, May 9, as a musical tribute in honor of all mothers. The Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association invites everyone to enjoy an “at home concert.”
Audiences have fallen in love with the hot 17-piece big band sounds and the high-energy show that The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra presents.
The concert will be shown via YouTube and the link will be available on the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association’s Facebook page.
Whether you’ll be preparing a special homemade dinner or ordering take-out, make it a special family evening during the concert. Listen to the show from the comfort of your home where you can roll back the rugs, push back the furniture and prepare for your very own dance party.


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