With all the uncertainty, there is one constant: Capt. Greg will fish every day

Recent events have been unsettling. Massive stock market losses. State mandated school closures. Travel bans. For heaven’s sake, Publix is closing at 8 p.m.! Given all the uncertainty, there is only one constant in the universe. Greg will go fishing. So, to keep the world from falling into total chaos, I am fishing every day. It is a heavy burden, but I am up to the task.

Speaking of chaos, that is what fishing in March is like. For 31 days, the behavioral patterns of redfish and trout go out the window. One day, they are aggressively feeding in the shallows. The next day, they are hunkered down in deeper water. Even the fish are unsettled!

On Thursday, I crushed the trout. They were literally eating everything. The water temperature was 63 degrees. Baitfish were abundant. Fishing was easy. Casting a Z-Man Finesse TRD into an oyster-lined creek drain was a sure bet.

On Friday, it was a different story. Same creek. Same tide. Same lure. No fish. After a few hours of frustration, I accidentally caught a trout in 15 feet of water. Given this tidbit of knowledge, I managed to catch a few more.

March and I have a contentious relationship. To tell the truth, I think March hates me. If it was not for my desire to provide a constant for the universe, I would not be fishing this much. Like I said, it is a heavy burden, but I am happy to carry it!

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