For an angler, feelings about March are complicated

My relationship with the month of March is complicated. Sometimes, March is warm and loving. Other times, March is cold and harsh. The wild variation of conditions is confusing to fish and completely dumbfounding to anglers. Well, at least to me.

In March, fish begin to transition out of their winter habitat and spread throughout our estuaries. This can make fish hard to find and even more difficult to catch.

Yes, my relationship with the month of March is complicated.

On Saturday, March and I were heading toward legal separation. It was cold. It was super windy. Clearly, March did not want me to go fishing. Frankly, I was over March’s harsh demeanor. March and I were on the rocks. So, I did what I always do when faced with turmoil, I went fishing.

After launching my new Salt Marsh Skiff (that March did not want me to buy), I assessed the situation. It was unsafe to fish in the Wando River. If anything bad happened, March would never let me hear the end of it. So, I tucked behind a leeward shoreline and began fishing.

Out of the wind, things did not seem so bad. My feeling about March began to warm. But, after an hour of fishing without a bite, March and I were on the outs again! I decided enough was enough and pulled out my phone to call my lawyer.

Of course, I made one last cast with my Z-Man Finesse TRD to a dock in 10 feet of water. Before the lure hit bottom, a trout ate it. I dropped the phone and fought the fish. It was not particularly large, but it lifted my spirits.

On the ride back to the boat landing, it did not seem as cold and the wind appeared to have moderated. Perhaps, March and I still have a chance together.

Like I said, it’s complicated.

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