Mountain fishing nets good life lessons!

For me, learning is what keeps fishing interesting. This week, fishing was very interesting. I spent a good bit of the week fly fishing in the remote reaches of the Smoky Mountains.

Before hitting the streams, a visit to the local fly shop was in order. After sharing my plan to target brook trout in tiny mountain streams, the proprietor recommended a series of flies that were much larger than those I typically use. Not wanting to take any chances, I purchased both sizes.

Upon arriving at the designated stream, I began hiking up the mountain. After a few minutes, I made a note to work on my cardio at the gym. While I prefer to fish in remote areas, the steep incline and an impending heart attack convinced me to fish lower on the mountain. After a bit of searching, I located a small pool created by rock formations in the stream. The pool was full of brook trout. My fly rod was rigged with one of the tiny flies that I typically use. After carefully approaching the pool, the trout ignored every presentation of the tiny fly. It was maddening. Then, I switched to the larger fly and it was game on.

So, things that I learned…

Listen to the local experts. They know more about their fishery than2 you do.

Keep an open mind. This is an integral aspect of learning.

A big brook trout is actually pretty small. Well, at least the ones I catch.

Next time I go fishing in the mountains, bring oxygen and a Sherpa.

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