Stuck on shore, days are going to the dog

People who live on Daniel Island have a couple of characteristics in common. They are nice and genuinely care about the community. Thus, it should not have been a surprise when so many people reached out to wish me a quick recovery from my back injury. I am happy to report that it is feeling much better. Thanks for all the get well soon wishes.
What does a guy that fishes every day do when he cannot fish?
Brody (the amazing fishing finding and stock trading dog) wakes me up at 6:30 a.m. As smart as he is, Brody has not yet mastered operation of the TV remote. So, I must turn on the TV and set the channel to the financial news. Brody likes to be well informed before placing his first trades of the day.
Brody’s breakfast is served promptly at 7:30. His favorite is an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese. Brody takes his coffee black with a couple of cubes of ice. He hates to burn his tongue when drinking coffee.
At 8:30, Brody takes me for a walk. This gets us back to the house in plenty of time before the market opens. Frankly, I am not sure why we rush to get home. Brody has several trading apps on his iPhone. To tell the truth, I am very impressed that Siri responds to a barking dog.
When the market opens, Brody sends me to my room.
Now you know why I fish so much!
Inshore: Redfin Charters (843-277-5255) and Captain Rob Bennett (843-367-3777) reports that as temperatures start to get very hot along the coast inshore fishing can get much tougher. The summer heat and the threat of afternoon pop-up storms make morning the best time to fish in July, but if you fish early this month you can still catch trout, flounder and redfish on live bait such as finger mullet, mud minnows or shrimp under a popping cork. This is shaping up to be a particularly good flounder season.
Surf and pier: Folly Beach Pier (843-762-9516) reports that July is still a great time to fish off the pier, but with the summer heat you usually need to avoid the 1-6 p.m. window when it is usually just too hot for fish to feed well. However, with water temperatures going into the month lower than usual there may be more hours available to fish this year. Expect strong catches of Spanish mackerel, black drum, whiting, pompano, bluefish and even trout to continue this month, and king mackerel should show up in July.
Nearshore: Captain Rob Bennett reports that in July the spadefish bite should continue to be really good at the nearshore reefs, and Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, and amberjack should continue to be caught.

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