Look Who’s Here: 126 Seven Farms Drive

The two-story, 49,000-square-foot office building at 126 Seven Farms Drive was built in 2005. Named the First Citizens Bank Plaza, it is home to nine diverse businesses.
First Citizens Bank is a full-service bank and brokerage operating locally and nationally. It provides a range of banking and financial services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, wealth management, and online banking.
Michael Williamson, vice president of the Daniel Island branch said, “First Citizens is built on the foundation that relationships matter. In an ever-growing digital age, we take pride in having boots on the ground, brick and mortar, and a local team of specialists who understand the needs of our clients and assist them in making some very important financial choices.”
Movement Mortgage is a retail mortgage lender with a full range of mortgage products and home loans for individuals and families looking to purchase or refinance residential properties. 
Senior Loan Officer Gary Harwyn explained the company’s community efforts, “As the nation’s number one impact lender, we use 40% to 50% of our profits to invest back into local communities with a focus on building public charter schools.” 
Harwyn said the company is currently supporting the building of two new schools in North Charleston. 
“More local loans equals more schools,” Harwyn said. “We’ve given nearly $400 million to the Movement Foundation so far, our vessel we use to fund much-needed infrastructure, education and support to underserved areas in the U.S. and around the world.”
Harbour Wealth Management Group offers wealth management services for business owners and retired business owners. As an independent firm, the company consults with clients and provides strategies to meet specific financial goals. 
Ansley Mellette, the company’s client service associate, said she enjoys doing business with the people of Daniel Island. “We only work with people who care deeply about their family, employees and community, but have high expectations of the ideas we bring to the table.”
Clawson and Staubes is a law firm that handles a variety of matters, including mediation, family law, and personal injury, with a focus on civil litigation in South Carolina and immigration matters nationwide.
Timothy Domin, litigation attorney, said the company strives to deliver what clients deserve: dedicated service, legal knowledge, and zealous advocacy. “We travel the entire state and beyond. We have it pretty good here on Daniel Island. It’s close to everything, with only occasional traffic issues, beautiful places, and nice people.”
Smyth Whitley is a law firm that represents businesses and professionals in litigation in state and federal courts across the state, as well as in mediation and arbitration. Founded in 2012, the company provides clients with legal representation at every stage of a dispute and advises clients on compliance matters and early claim resolution prior to the filing of lawsuits. 
Courtney Wall Kerce Family Law is a boutique family law practice. Owner Courtney Kerce works with clients through complex legal issues, providing solutions tailored to individual needs and resolving family law matters including divorce, custody, and support issues. 
Kerce said the law firm’s team is committed to helping families resolve legal matters in a dignified and respectful way. 
“We are zealous advocates and tailor our approach based on the needs of our clients,” Kerce said. “We are dedicated to exploring all available options and craft a legal strategy to help clients pursue a positive outcome.”  
Thrower Land Group is a network of consultants to the land development and home building industries. Owner Jay Thrower and his team help clients set up a plan for long-term operational success with common issues associated with the land and homebuilding industries. 
VDV Group operates in the management services industry within the engineering, accounting, research, and management services sector.

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