Cassandra King Conroy to headline DI News holiday book sale

30 local authors to sign and sell books at DI Recreation Center, Dec. 3
Give the gift of a good book from a local author, or buy one or more for yourself, at The Daniel Island News Author Series Holiday Author Signing & Book Sale Event. 
Cassandra King Conroy will be on hand with her memoir “Tell me a Story: My Life with Pat Conroy” and will be donating proceeds from the sale of the book to the Pat Conroy Literary Center. She will be joined by 29 other local authors. Offerings cover multiple genres, including children’s books, fiction for all ages, history, biography, poetry, photography, cookbooks, memoirs, business, humor, health and wellness, education, Christian-based and inspirational titles.
This holiday event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Daniel Island Recreation Center, 160 Fairbanks Drive, Daniel Island.
Hosted by The Daniel Island News and emceed by Editor Zach Giroux, the morning will include an opportunity to talk with authors, enjoy holiday music, win fun holiday giveaways and, of course, buy books.
The Daniel Island News Author Series is a yearlong series featuring monthly talks by local and nationally known authors and is sponsored by Loopit, the Daniel Island Community Fund, and publishing technology company Bublish.
Participating authors by book category are:
“Normal Volume One”      
By Michelle Lee
Absolute power and absolute secrets: a former insider with deep access at Camp David and the White House through multiple administrations reveals never-before-told stories of what the presidents are up to – and what they aren’t – when they think no one is looking, and, shockingly, who ranked the most powerful among all.
“Stephen A. Swails: Black Freedom Fighter in the Civil War and Reconstruction”
By Gordon C. Rhea
Stephen Swails fought with the 4th Massachusetts regiment in the Civil War, became the first African American to be commissioned as an officer in the United States military, and after the war served as Speaker Pro Tem of the South Carolina legislature and played a major role in Reconstruction.
“A Walk Along the Sea”
By Ben Pogue
An illustrated poem about love, nature and the wisdom of treasuring them. Boneyards, sea oats and sand dollars!
“Low-Ku: Haikus of the Lowcountry”
By Pamela Brownstein
Illustrated by Tessa Lisiecka
Explores themes unique to the Lowcountry through original poetry and beautifully-designed pages. Written and illustrated by two local moms. Appeals to readers of all ages.
“Clarence Christopher Purdy”
By Bonnie Doane
A cat who understands what you say can be a good thing or a not so good thing, but it is always a fun thing.
“Duck, Duck, Oooooooh!”
By Gina Marie
This is the story of a little girl who met a duck in her backyard that visited her house every summer and loved to swim in her pool, until one day she jumped in!
“Boomer and Joey’s Charleston 
By Janet Berg
An interactive story based on two real mischievous pups wreaking havoc at all the landmarks downtown, until finding a surprise ending to their journey.
“The Radical New Me: My Journey of Faith”
By Donna Jarrell
How to become a “Better Me,” more like God, as we trust Him to navigate us through life’s storms.
By Michael Ferrrara
Gifted female jockey with complicated past and strong desire to break through the competitive world of thoroughbred racing.
“Bells for Eli”
By Susan Beckham Zurenda
First cousins Delia and Eli’s relationship and the lives around them are shaped by Eli’s childhood accident in Bells for Eli, a tender and engaging coming of age novel set amid the supposed wholesome values of the small-town South in the 1960s-70s. This multiple awards-winning book explores a world where cruelty and pain threaten two cousins whose extraordinary love prevails.
“Tipsy Collins Series & The Cracked 
Slipper Series”
By Stephanie Alexander
The award-winning Tipsy Collins Series follows Tipsy, a clairvoyant mom of three, as she solves ghostly mysteries while rebuilding her post-divorce life in Charleston. The Cracked Slipper Series, described as Game of Thrones meets Bridgerton, explores the complicated reality of happily-ever-after: Cinderella’s prince quickly loses his charm, she falls in love with another man, and politics in her enchanted kingdom turn deadly.
“Fateful Outcomes”          
By Bob Farina
A character study of two brothers and a sister raised in the same family, yet are so different.
“The Donut and the Hole”         
By Bob Farina
A tale of an American history teacher and his growth, self-awareness, and a strong commitment to values.
“Starting Over”
By Margie Curry
Daniel Island story setting, for anyone starting over after loss, divorce, a breakup, relocation or starting a new career.
“Wildfire Ridge”
By Mary Lee Soop
Ouzel lives for video games, but when his family’s ranch is threatened by a wildfire, he is thrown into a real life game of survival.
“The Islanders Search for Treasure”
By Mary Alice Monroe & Angela May (will not be in attendance)
A sequel to “The Islanders,” Jake Potter returns to Dewees Island for another summer adventure with his grandmother, dad and two best friends. 
“At Loggerheads”
By Kristen Ness
Murder on a South Carolina barrier island brings together a sea turtle biologist and local detective to unravel a mystery that might impact the race for the White House.
“The Woman Underwater” 
By Penny Goetjen
Torn between hanging onto the hope her husband is still alive, after disappearing seven years earlier, and the desire to move on with her life, Victoria finds herself drowning in limbo – one that no one could have predicted how it would play out.
“The Adventures of Agnes Hopper 3-Book Series”
By Carol Guthrie Heilman
The Agnes Hopper series is written with a Southern flair and set in a small-town retirement home where eccentric and irresistible characters weave their lives together.
By Vijaya Bodach
Explore the most significant battle of our time – upholding the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death – through the eyes of an immigrant family from India. 
“Wholly Woman”
By Linda Howard and Melissa Jansen 
An interactive and practical journey towards health: spirit, soul, and body. 
“Daniel Island”
By Michael K. Dahlman and Michael K. Dahlman Jr. 
A detailed and definitive historical account of the island’s evolution from Native American occupation some 10,000 years ago to its present day development - uncovering piece by piece the stories and legacies of those who have called the island home. 
“Victory Day - Winning American Independence: The Defeat of the British Southern Strategy”
By Kenneth Scarlett
An in-depth account of the last 31-months of the Revolutionary War focusing on South Carolina as the lynchpin to winning American independence.
“Dearest Bea”
By John and Lind Common
A compilation of handwritten letters from an adoring husband to his wife during World War II are coupled with historical context in photos and news clips from the time period.
“Dalton and Grace, Whimsical Short Stories of Life in Charleston”
By Bill and Ann Stevens
Laugh out loud stories of life in the south with its combination of sass, sophistication, and sticky situations.
“Don’t Lose the Ball in the Lights and Other Life Lessons from Sports”
By Suzanne Detar
Presented in short, devotion style segments, each chapter is based on a sports themed story – ranging from basketball to bowling, lacrosse to skiing, dance to gymnastic, and many other sports in between – and covering a wide range of levels – from little league, through high school and college, and into Olympic and professional sports.
“Tell Me a Story: My Life with Pat Conroy”
By Cassandra King Conroy
Bestselling author Cassandra King Conroy considers her life and the man she shared it with, paying tribute to her husband, Pat Conroy, the legendary figure of modern Southern literature.
“Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands”       
By Elsa van der Byl 
An idealistic educator’s life is turned upside down when she must confront life in three remote homelands in South Africa during the apartheid years, encountering different cultures, hostage situations, crime, political and educational changes, as well as wild animals.
“I Didn’t Always Like Calamari”         
By Bob Farina
Author’s personal Italian-American NYC journey to survive and thrive without his relatives.
“Measured Words”
By Betsy Thorne
Steeped in personal images and memories, this book is a journey through wonder, anxiety, innocence, and death, but always, irrepressibly, with redemptive words of encouragement and love.
“Good Dogs of Service: True Stories of Honor, Courage, and Devotion”
By Lynn Cobb
Wonderful portraits and stories of working K-9s, service dogs, and their handlers
By Nan Carey and Douglas Cutting
The imagery and writing presented in Undertones illuminates the endless gifts available to us in the tidal estuaries, marshes and beaches of the Carolina coast. 
“Hey... Let’s get organized” 
By Denise Dale 
Fun and fast read to help motivate and get organized. 
“Leadership in the Trenches:  Proven Success Strategies for Middle-Managers to Thrive in a System They Didn’t Create”
By Karen Hauschild
Real-life, practical strategies to leaders to apply immediately to make the workplace better.

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