Ed Marinaro catches monster Redfish!

Redfish have an interesting life history. As juveniles, they live in creeks and grow very quickly. After a couple of years, the small fish grow into slot-size (15 to 23 inches) young adults. They remain in the rivers and creeks until they grow to about 27 inches or so. At which time, the now adult fish migrate to deeper inshore and nearshore waters. However, on occasion, a few of the adult fish do not get this memo. This was the case on a recent fishing trip for Kevin McMurtry and Ed Marinaro.

Ed and Kevin were casting PaddlerZ lures on eighth ounce flutter hooks to a broken grass and shell shoreline. Ed felt a solid thump and set the hook on a monster inshore Redfish. By all accounts, it was an epic battle but Ed’s angling skill eventually won the day. The Redfish was 35+ inches and weighed 15 pounds, an unusually large fish for the creeks. Well done guys! King tides made fishing this week a bit challenging. The tough conditions were compounded by lingering water clarity issues from the flood. I am happy to report that both of these events are for the most part behind us.

Tides have returned to normal levels and the water is significantly clearer. This is good news for anglers. Trout and Redfish are schooling up and feeding aggressively. Additionally, Flounder are abundant as well. It is a great time to go fishing. While we are blessed with an excellent year round fishery, November is probably my favorite month to fish. The weather is pleasant and the fish are hungry! Contact Captain Greg Peralta at captgregp@gmail.com or call (843) 224-0099.

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