Star-Spangled Field of Honor 2023

A spectacular summer splash of patriotic colors is about to emerge just around the bend from Daniel Island’s Waterfront Park - and Ron Zumstein says if you haven’t experienced it yet, it promises to stop you right in your tracks.
“It’s an awesome display,” he said. “It will give you goosebumps.”
Zumstein and his garden army of Exchange Club of Daniel Island members will skip their typical Saturday morning routine and instead gather at an unassuming swathe of greenery off River Landing Drive on June 24.
They’ll be joined by, among others, teams of boy scouts, ROTC students, military personnel and civilians, who will begin the day peering down at the grass and pinpointing where to dig a hole.
But not just one hole. Give or take, 800 holes.
Those 800 holes will anchor 800 flagpoles which will bear the 800 American flags that will pay tribute to more than 800 honorees in the eighth edition of the Daniel Island Field of Honor. 
“It’s about family moments. They walk through and they just take it in,” Zumstein said.
Zumstein encourages not only families, but every single person, to earmark some quality time over the next two weeks and leisurely walk and weave through the hundreds of symmetrically-lined U.S. flags, each more than 7 feet tall, and take solace amid the tens of
thousands of stars and stripes.
The idea is to reflect and remember somebody who made an impact on this country.
The origins of the Field of Honor, which also takes place annually in dozens of other cities, was put in motion so veterans and active military members would be publicly thanked for their service.
Sponsors, like a loved one, would make a charitable donation, designate a military honoree, living or deceased, and then attach a tag to an Honor Flag with the person’s name for all to see and remember.
Since that inception, Zumstein says the Field of Honor has expanded to include other inductees.
Honor Flag sponsorships now praise the work of local everyday heroes. Maybe it’s a favorite teacher. Or a cancer survivor. A brave first responder. Or maybe, just a “regular joe.”
“Not everybody has a connection to a veteran, so we have people who sponsor a teacher or grandpa or grandma,” he said. “You can even do it for an aunt who may make the best fruitcake ever.”
In fact, Zumstein says he’s been enamored with some other “out of the box” honorees from sponsors who have dedicated flags in memory of astronauts, relatives who live on the other side of the world or a thank you to a faithful and cherished pet.
Whomever the honoree may be, their designated flag will fly through the duration of the event until July 8. The full-sized flag will then be given to the sponsor for safe-keeping or it can be returned to the Exchange Club so another hero can be honored next year.
The first Field of Honor on Daniel Island topped out at a showing of 200 flags and the anticipation is that at least 800 flags will wave this year.
And with busy Fourth of July festivities approaching, the hope from organizers is that the current number grows to more than a thousand.
“With so much activity at the waterfront, people will come by and say, ‘We are from Virginia. What is this all about?’ And we will explain and then they are in awe. And then they purchase a flag for somebody,” Zumstein said.
The money raised from each $25 flag sponsorship will be collected and given to organizations vested in aiding those who served. Last year, more than $40,000 was raised from flag purchases, corporate partners, and onsite and online donations.
The funds will go to support local charities including ONE80 Place, whose mission is to aid the homeless, including veterans, Fisher House of Charleston, a home-away-from-home for veterans receiving medical treatment, and the Palmetto Warrior Connection, a branch of
Goodwill to help veterans return to civilian life.  
Donations to the Field of Honor and its charities can be made online at or onsite at the volunteer tent on River Landing Drive.
Daniel Island Field of Honor 2023
When: June 24 - July 8, 2023
Where: 130 River Landing Drive
What: Take in the patriotic display of large American flags. Walk through the field. Lay among the flags. Listen to the flags snap in the wind. Read the names of the honorees. Reflect on Independence Day. Give thanks.

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