How are you inspired by America?

Local middle school students share their answers
Daniel Island middle school students who attend the University School of the Lowcountry recently submitted essays to the Patriot’s Pen Competition, a contest sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).  
This year’s theme is “How are you inspired by America?”
Below are essay excerpts from several students who reside on Daniel Island. The complete essays were submitted by Ginger Colvin, USL middle school English teacher, and excerpts were selected by the paper’s editor for publication.
“Through conservation of national parks, America’s dedication to preserving its natural beauty is inspiring. From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, these protected lands remind us about the importance of protecting our environment. A recent visit to Congaree National Park inspired awe in me. This park’s preserved habitat is just one of two sites in the country that have fireflies that flicker in a synchronized pattern that looks like an animation. It is an unreal sight to see in addition to the park’s housing of America’s oldest trees. Through my visit to Congaree National Park, I saw firsthand America’s commitment to preserving its beautiful land for generations to come.”
Editor’s note: The writer identified free education and freedom of religion as two ways he is inspired by America. His third follows.
“The third reason is I am inspired by our military. Our military is very strong and I know that they are trained very rigorously...standards. One connection that I have is that my father served in the United States Navy and I have been on many aircraft carriers and on many bases. I have also heard first hand like I said from my dad about the training and the many ways they keep America safe.”
“Immigrants are another great example of how hard people work to be part of America. To get to America, they leave everything: their country, family, and friends. I have been to many naturalization ceremonies and the new citizens are very emotional. Each of them needed a citizenship test to become a part of the country. This process is so difficult that even most natural-born citizens can’t pass. Most of these immigrants end up needing a tutor. About 150 new citizens were at the ceremony from over 50 countries. Every single one of these people inspires me because of their hard work to be Americans.”
“I’m inspired by America because of our military…My grandpa Bummey (mom’s side) fought in Vietnam as an Air Force member. My mom grew up as a military kid. She lived in Virginia for six years of her life but then her family of five counting her mom’s dog Bobo moved to Seoul, South Korea. My Grandpa was in charge of going down on the battlefield and getting the injured soldiers to bring them back to get medical help.”
“The first amendment is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech allows you to speak your mind, and allows the public to protest. An example of freedom of speech is the writers’ strike in Hollywood, when writers wanted their opinions to be heard by the studios. The writers wanted something to change, so they decided to go on strike and protest. This is an example of the freedom of speech, and many more people have done this in the past!”

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