Bam! Rising water temps ‘perfect’ for targeting trout

In the transition from winter to spring, a unique angling opportunity presents itself. 
As the water temperature rises to above 55 degrees, baitfish return to the creeks and trout begin feeding aggressively. In this temperature range, the water maintains its wintertime clarity.  Perfect conditions for targeting trout with a suspending lure.  
My favorite is a Lucky Craft 78 SP. The 78 SP (for suspending) dives to about 4 feet and will suspend or stay in the depth throughout the retrieve. This time of year, it is irresistible to trout and the occasional redfish.
On Sunday, the weather was warm, and the water conditions were just right. So, Brody (the amazing fish-finding and stock-trading dog) and I jumped in the skiff. Our rods were rigged with 3 feet of 12-pound fluorocarbon leader and Lucky Craft 78 SPs. The water was 56 degrees and extremely clear. I could easily see the bottom in 6 feet of water.  
Brody selected our first fishing spot, an oyster bar with a depth transition from 2 to 10 feet. I cast my 78 SP to the oyster bar and worked it back to the boat with a twitch and long pause retrieve. This cadence makes the lure mimic a wounded or dying baitfish.  
In the clear water, my 78 SP was visible 4 feet below the surface. Twitch and pause. Twitch and pause.  
Bam! A trout shot up from the bottom and inhaled the lure.  
I enjoy this style of fishing because you get to see the strike. The trout were not particularly large, but they were plentiful and hungry. Brody and I caught and released trout at a torrid pace.  
Now for a very important PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.   
A Lucky Craft 78 SP has two small treble hooks that are extremely sharp. They will hook anything they touch from a trout to your finger to even a fish-finding dog. 
I strongly recommend smashing down the treble hook barbs with a pair of needle nose pliers.  This makes releasing things much easier. The trout, your finger and your fish-finding dog will appreciate it!
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