Duck hunting and fishing are better when done together

January marks the end of duck hunting season. Given my recent health issues, I missed most of the season. So on Saturday, Elliott (my son), Brody (the amazing fish-finding and stock-trading dog) and I set out to end the season with a bang. We planned to duck hunt early in the morning and then fish later in the afternoon. 
We pulled away from the dock at 5:30 a.m. It was still dark. Patchy fog made navigation difficult, and we slowly worked our way to a remote creek off the Wando River.  
Our slow but safe speed put us behind schedule. This upset Brody. He loves to eat duck, and this was the last chance of the year to harvest one. 
Upon arrival, Elliott and Brody quickly deployed the decoys. Then we camouflaged the skiff and waited for the ducks.  
Sunrise was stunning. We were admiring the view when a flight of ducks flew overhead. Surprised, Elliott and I just watched them fly away.  
Brody said, “It’s a good thing you both can fish because you are awful at hunting.” 
I was explaining to Brody that I hunt to spend time with him (and Elliott). Harvesting a duck is not my priority. Brody noted that was good because another flight of ducks just passed by!
After a couple of hours, we gave up duck hunting and returned home, duck-less. Brody was beside himself until I told him we would eat lunch at Chick-fil-A. Brody loves Chick-fil-A nuggets more than duck. His mood brightened considerably.
On Saturday, the low tide was about 3 p.m. I awakened Brody from a Chick-fil-A nugget induced coma when Elliott returned to the house to go fishing.  
We jumped in the skiff and headed to a shallow flat in the Wando River. After a bit of looking, we spotted a large school of redfish in about a foot of water.  
Elliott cast a Z-Man Finesse TRD to the school and hooked up. I cast a Z-Man Trout Trick and hooked up as well. Doubles!

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