Family fore-ever: A day at Topgolf

When I hear the word golf I picture old men, country clubs, and the color green.  
Enter Topgolf.
Combining the evergreen love for sports bars, music, high-tech games, and low-impact sports, Topgolf has become a go-to spot for both golfers and people who don’t have the first clue about golf.
Think golf meets bowling, except here, you can alternate from a range of clubs, choose a medley of games, and have your own sitting section with a menu full of top-notch food and drinks.
As I entered the doors on a recent Sunday, I was met with party music, dimmed lighting, a large lobby with an equally large bar, TVs galore, and an energy that screams fun.
Tip: Book a bay in advance. It’s a mistake you only make once if you don’t. 
My dad, my siblings, and I began the Topgolf experience by sinking into our bay’s couch, staring out at the green lawn of colorful holes, and laughing at the ball-picking cart dodging balls.
After ordering drinks, we started off our two-hour time slot with a standard game of Topgolf.
Channeling my inner Tiger Woods, I armed myself with a club in one hand and a cocktail in the other – balance is key, right?
Part of the joy of Topgolf is having a front-row seat to watch your loved ones fail at swinging and hitting a 2-inch ball.
But the real reason we came here was because we hadn’t had a family day in years.
Of course, we see our dad when we can, but it’s rarely all together.
So there we played: no friends, no last-minute cancellations, just the four of us for the first time in two years.
While my sister hit the air more than she hit the actual ball, and my dad did his old man stretches before every swing, I couldn’t help but cherish the moment.
Sure, we aren’t the best players, but Topgolf is more than just a place to golf. It’s two straight hours of the best things in life: balcony bays, Nacho Average Nachos, and the people you love.
In our second game, we switched up from the usual and played the Angry Birds game of golf – resulting in a twist of scores.
I found myself dead last, and my sister, who couldn’t tell a hole from a bunker, was suddenly in first place. Mental note: different games call for different rules.
With each swing, we found ourselves bonding over how we should do this more often. By the end of our time slot, we were already talking about what we should do next.
Topgolf may be known for its fun games and atmosphere, but it’s also a place to unwind and connect. For the first time in years, we all agreed on something: it was a score on all accounts.
Who knew swinging and missing could be so much fun?

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